U23A3 Portfolio – Adrian Maresco

As the images shows below, I annotated some changes that could be done in my design to improve it, taking in place mouse movement, logical sequencing and the dexterity required to use it.

U23 - Powerpoint improvements (Input).jpg

For the design on top, I am going to change the colour scheme since it would be hard to watch for people who suffer from colour blindness. (Input)

U23 - Login Design improvement.jpg

In this design, the buttons should have a bigger size and be closer together in case that the user that will use it has some mobility deficiency, so the mouse movement is reduced. (Input)

U23 - Moodboard improvement (Output).jpg

In this design, the mood board feels very empty as it only has three images and very little text.  The best way to improve it would be by adding extra meaningful images as well as text. (Output)

U23 - Photoshop guide improvement.jpg

This design lacks of colour and the image is hard to see. Not many tools are explained and the ones that are explained are not pointed out which makes it harder for the user to see which tool is which. (Output)

U23 - Video improvements (Output).jpg

This design was showed in a video which can be hard to look at for the user since it lacks of any sound and is not appealing to the eye. The design is missing some colour and images that are related to what is being explained. (Output)

U23 - Website improvements (Input).jpg

This is the design of what would be a website. This design has some flows that could be easily fixed, the main ones are the lack of background as well as the reduction of the blank, unused spaces. The headers are small and the Log In and Search bar are not in the correct order. (Input)

Here are the four chosen designs that I improved to make them more suitable and visually better:


U23 - Login Design improvement - FIXED - Adrian Maresco.jpg


U23 - Powerpoint improvements (Input) - FIXED - Adrian Maresco.jpg


U23 - Video improvements (Output) - FIXED - Adrian Maresco.jpg


U23 - Website improvemenets (input) - FIXED - Adrian Maresco.JPG


M3 Explain how the effectiveness of HCIs may be measured and evaluate the test results

Human Computer Interaction requires several aspects to make them effective, these go from instructional, cosmetic and functionality. On the instructional side, HCI should be designed so the user can use it without requiring guidance, so it should be simple enough to be understandable for any person but without losing any important features. On the cosmetic side, the program should have an appropriate colour scheme; fitting for purpose as well as easily understandable, for example, not making the background black when the text is black. For functionality, the HCI should work without slowing down, working flawlessly with a decent speed.

1) Address Book: With the test result it is clear that the visual aspect of the program is appealable for the clients as it got a high result in the test; however it lacks of any instructional aspect or error handling. The client also said that the speed of the program is more than acceptable as it got 4 out of 5 in the score.

2) Website: The website got similar results as the address book but with lower score in the visual and functionality, meaning that there is room for improvement. The website also requires instructional and any kind of error handling.

3) Video: Since this design is a video, there will not be any user interaction other than adjusting the video quality or pressing play. The video got a very low score on the visual aspect, so it will require an improvement.

4) PowerPoint: The PowerPoint got average points in every aspect other than error handling, as it does not have any. Since the score varied from 3 to 4 it means that it is a good design but it still has some room for improvement


D2 Evaluate the HCIs developed

1) Address Book: This address book design let the user search; add customers, delete them, or edit the information already added. With this new design, the buttons are very clear and with a bigger size, making them easier to click on and visually appealing. The search bar function allow the user to search any customer added to the database, filtering by name, date, type of job as well as other options.

2) Website: This e-commerce website is designed to sell jewels, the main interface offers items with reduced discount or popular items so the potential customers that get in the website can see items that they may be interested in, making it more likely to buy them. This design also has a menu that will make the customers go from one part of the website to the other as well as a log in system.

3) Video: This instructional video have the necessary details such as a title, the information presented and a figure to make it easier to understand the information that is being presented.

4) PowerPoint: This PowerPoint based on the computer development timeline presents a main menu that lets the user go to each slide directly so they can go to the section they are more interested in. This design also has a guide section, with useful information.

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Electronic Communication Methods (3)


Communication through electronic methods are almost instant.

A large portion of the globe has internet coverage making communication across continents quick and easy.

There are much less time and money costs to transmit a message through the internet than for example a letter.

With advancements to electronic communications business managers can more easily control operations of the company across the globe and communicate with business partners and investors through video or teleconferencing.



There are significant start-up costs due to infrastructural development. Also continued advancements in technology demand further investments for businesses to stay up to date.

Poorer countries cannot afford the above costs so they either have very outdated electronic communication methods or depend on more developed countries to support the costs of implementing electronic systems

Electronic Communication Methods (2)


Faster communication: Communication has speed up thanks to the Internet, being very beneficial to businesses, finances, trades, etc.

Work from Home:

As this type of communication can be used anywhere and at any time, there is no need to be in an specific place in order to communicate, reason why many opt to conduct their jobs at home.

Saving Money:

Since there is no need of paper, envelops or any other way of communication, there is no money spent on this type of communication.


Loss of Privacy:

Emails and messages sent to someone can be interfered by others, making them  able to read the private conversation of others.